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What if you wanted to write a memoir, but you didn’t have the free time? "It would be too difficult," you say. Didn’t think you could stay focused long enough write it from the first page to the last.

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just can’t do it alone. There are too many day-to-day concerns without rehashing your yesterdays, emotional minefields associated with your history, or the research needed on people, places and strong memory evoking moments. Mostly though, current life events now take all your time and energy.


Tell your story in the way you really want it told. 


What if there was someone who could do the research, arrange and approach interviews with sensitivity and inclusion so that you could have a record on paper of your life’s most impactful moments for others to read?

Without having to do the work.

With my help, you won’t have to.

I’ll do the research, interviews and writing. You can turn over the reins and know you’ll have a well-written book to call your own.


Your book will be amazing!




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