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You've got a book to write.


Are you struggling to get it done…and worried about sharing your darkest secrets?


You got this.



Ready to write your book but fearful of the consequences your history might cause?



With my support, you’ll feel safe and empowered as you write your page-turning memoir.


You’ve probably thought about writing your story for a while. For your immediate family – spouse or partner, kids, siblings and other relatives ― and maybe for the broader world. It’s a good story too. Drama, heartbreak, success, happiness and sadness built into its overall spine. The love that came into your life. The joy of being you. A life lived deeply and well.

Perhaps you also want to set the record straight. Free yourself from the mistakes of years past. Break away from the pain-filled feelings that wore you down and created havoc in your life. Getting off that merry-go-round of hurt and pain has been your ultimate goal, and your book will help you get there! But writing it isn’t so easy. Nor is sharing secrets that have been hidden since forever. 

So how do you sort through what’s important, be true to your story and simply get it done?


This is a special journey.


I can help get you through the fog.


Take a deep breath. I got your back!


I’ve worked with people just like you who are eager to write their story but worried about the impact on family and friends when you share your deepest truths and perspectives.

If you’re absolutely committed and excited to write your book, can’t wait to feel organized and empowered, and launching your book into the world is crucial to your happiness―don’t wait another minute.


You’ve Got a Book to Write!


It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s fun.