Concept to Completion

Crafting the book you were meant to write.


Imagine the experiences that shaped your life and made you who you are today. Now picture the many threads of people, places and interactions as they helped form the fabric of your life. The memories come to life for you.

Then imagine getting the support and expertise you need so that you can fulfill your dream of writing a book. Not just any book. Your book. On your terms.


It feels empowering.


As your guide, I’ll help you craft your story and give your memories the power of your voice. With my support you’ll have the tools and guidance you need to:

  • Discover what it means to write about yourself as your memoir takes shape.
  • Cultivate investigation into the “Whys of Your Experience” as they shaped you.
  • Enjoy new possibilities and passion with a clear sense of living fully in the now.
  • Feel revitalized, excited to take the next steps to living and take charge of your extraordinary life with the insights gained and filled with greater meaning and fullness.

Sound good?


With my support, you can write the book you were meant to write while feeling safe and connected in your history!

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