Tina is a great mentor. She knows when to push and when to back off. Tina has been instrumental in getting me past first drafts into revisions. Tina has helped me get comfortable with “just getting it down on paper”. The biggest gift Tina has given me is the confidence that I can write.
— Cindy Cifatte
Tina DeMarco is a fantastic writing teacher. I have taken several classes with her and she is a wonderful writing tool especially with line by line editing, pinpointing how to make a story work, and what “works” in a scene. Tina helps you tell your story. With Tina’s input, one of my stories won second place in the Trumbull Arts Writing competition a few years ago.
— Theresa Diaz
I’ve worked with Tina on “punching up” the copy for my website and her help was invaluable. She’s was very quickly able to see what was working and what needed help. She always had great ideas to make my writing stronger, clearer, with better flow, and I highly recommend her as a writing coach and editor!
— Mark Bosnian, Professional Voice Coach
Tina has a keen eye for the emotional spectrum of the human experience. She is an intuitive writer, reader, and creator! Her counsel has been invaluable to me and her endorsement was a key in helping my book, Finding the Finish Line: Navigating the Race of Life through Faith & Fitness, surpass projected sales within the first three months! Thank you, Tina!
— Andrea Cladis
Tina helped make my roughed-out document to a honed-in, strengthened Speaker Sheet. Her guidance shifted the takeaways and messaging which gave me the confidence to get it out and into the hands of potential customers. I love her eagle eye!
— Leslie Nolan
Working with Tina DeMarco was amazing. She is a talented editor and helped me immensely with my website copy. But it’s her love and passion for the craft of writing that makes her every writer’s secret weapon to bring their stories to life. She read through my entire manuscript with a keen eye for detail, description and dialogue. She helped me shape and develop my story, making me a better writer in the process.
— Kathleen Hassan
I have engaged Tina a few dozen times over the past half dozen years on a wide variety of editorial assignments, e.g., developmental editing, design, and style.  Regardless what I ask her to help with, fiction, creative nonfiction or technical articles, she moves effortlessly through any genre. At times it’s as simple as copy editing, but more frequently she’s probing content, character development, and plot.  She has critiqued my magazine articles and perhaps her heaviest lift was helping me with Death by Internet, my last novel, where her insights led me to change how I approached the opening chapters.  I find she works quickly, and I especially value her background in philosophy and skill as a writer in her own right. She significantly adds value to any writing project.
— Joe Carvalko
Tina DeMarco walks the walk and talks the talk.  Not only is she herself a fearless writer, exploring all the winding paths where memory leads, but she is willing and able to take your hand and lead you to those magical and hidden places in your own past. Thanks to her gentle guidance the past is revealed, long-held secrets find the light, and you, the writer hear the clarity and beauty of your own unique voice. She’s has the magic touch and anyone who wants to explore memoir, will find their spirit guide in Tina.
— Jamie Cat Callan
What can I say about Tina since just about every aspect of my life has been influenced by her guidance? (She’s my mom…) The most obvious influence would be in my writing skills. And, it goes beyond the aspects of structure and grammar and enters the stylistic and creative realm. Because of her ability to look beyond the boundaries of the structure into the artistry of style she has been a strong influence on my ability to design and understand the needs of my clients in a deeper and more creative, holistic way.
— Joe DeMarco