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I'm Tina DeMarco, and I help people like you craft the memoir you were meant to write.


Is this you?

You want to write a book. You have a legacy to leave – a life lived with the colors, tastes and sounds of insight, awareness and growth. The excitement and opportunity of doing this has been building in your bones for a while and it just won’t let you go. You’re ready to share your story!

And you’re stuck. Maybe you’re endlessly chasing ideas ‘round and ‘round, going nowhere fast. Maybe you’re worried that a friend or family member will be hurt, insulted or angry by what you say. After all, they may remember things much differently. Perhaps all of this leaves you confused or fearful about how (or even whether) to begin.


I get it, here's why...

We all have memories and experiences that trick us up and tie us in knots. Mine certainly have. Like a lot of kids, I never felt as if I quite fit in when growing up. So, I ducked into books and hid under my bed covers to read. I discovered new worlds. New friends and adventures. I was Alice chasing down a rabbit and Peter Pan wielding his trusty sword, flying off into the clouds with Tinkerbell by his side. Endless possibilities waited just around the corner, filling my dreams.

When I went to college, I studied Philosophy and Creative Writing. By the time I finished my studies, I had an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. I was ready to conquer the publishing world. Then I stopped writing. Out of fear. Being ridiculed. Laughed at. Diminished.

I wish I had known that other writers felt the same way. It would’ve helped me feel less alone, less afraid of rejection, less isolated.


My new story

I had to take action...or quit. I read more books on the craft of writing, studied with top storytellers and attended week-long writing workshops and conferences. Yet, it took working with a special writing master to help me crack open and overcome my confidence issues. (Still have a few, they're just contained!)

Once I opened to my true voice, the authenticity I was born with, I found myself writing again. I couldn’t stop leaning in or helping other writers with their work. I finally felt like I was back home, to the real me!

In fact, I’ve spent over 35 years reading, writing and editing personal essays, short stories and novels. Including the occasional screenplay for television and feature film. I even received an Honorable Mention a few years back in the annual Screenwriter’s Network screenplay contest. 


What I love about working with you...

You’ve got an incredible story to share about your own unique life and the legacy you have. You’re ready to claim your history, create a new story for yourself and those you love. Yet, you’re not quite sure how to go about expressing yourself on paper. And you’re worried about the consequences of being fully truthful to that history.

That’s why you need the right guide. A mentor who understands and walks with you―through the shadows, past the road-blocks and into the light. A mentor who helps you feel safe to write your page-turning memoir.

That's where I step in!


Whether a first-time scribe or an experienced author...


When we work together to write your book, you gain the confidence, organization and structure to write with strength and power. You speak to your truth, share your own Hero’s Journey and revel as your authentic voice comes alive.

Understanding, insight, and a more mature perspective comes together. Your words have the power to change and heal the past with a certainty available you never knew you had. Until now. 



Writing your story, creating your manuscript seeing your new history as it all comes together and gets done. Faster than you can imagine.